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Disorder Cycle

Disorder Cycle


I spent the last five years obsessing over every detail of my diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being HUNGRY all the time. Rarely indulging in a piece of cake or snacking on some chips. Making separate meals from my family. Always worrying about what choices to make at a restaurant. Spent my free time walking to get my FitBit steps in. Binging on foods when I allowed myself a "free day" (cheat day) because I didn't know when I might be able to have those "bad foods" again. Eating til I made myself sick.

Working with Kristen I have learned so much about balance. To go for a walk without "counting it" towards something. Eating real foods instead of diet foods with artificial sweeteners. To eat whole foods like full fat cheese and BREAD. I learned I can sit and have a meal with my family, guilt free. And, yes, even have a piece of cake. I learned that life is not all about exercising and losing weight. It's about being happy, satisfied and balanced. Working with Kristen I was able to achieve a complete mental shift on how I view foods and exercise and FINALLY drop the diet mentality.


I'm 42 and before working with Kristen, no one was able to show me the importance of drinking water. Sounds easy, but it was a long ride. Today, I am drinking my water consistently. Before Kristen, fries, fruit or Hostess cupcakes were my "sin". After working with her, I have no appetite for fries or Hostess cupcakes. I can eat fruit without feeling guilty, as food is NOT a moral issue. And fruit is healthy and delicious to eat! I loved our sessions together. I was worried how it would turn out and instead of being judgemental, she was understanding. She showed me things not only related to health but life, as she is also a life coach. The process with her was inspiring. An eye opening take on life.


"I had a great experience working with a wellness coach for the first time. Kristen was excellent at helping me have a better relationship with food and teaching me new ways to do so. I would highly recommend her!"

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