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About Wellness Coaching

Coaching Style

The Strength To Be Me was started by Kristen McKenna
Wellness coaching is a combination of health and life coaching. Consider it the holistic approach to life improvement. Wellness coaching takes into consideration not only physical well-being, but also places equal value on mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. The goal of coaching in general is to assist clients with clarity on their specific goals while also crafting a step by step plan to get them there! This also allows coaching to accomplish fairly large goals in a relatively short period of time. By combining equal amounts of education, support AND accountability, coaching gets you to the goal quickly while also troubleshooting obstacles along the way.

Gentle Nutrition

Intuitive Eating

Your Wellness

We care about your overall wellness! This means it's not just about WHAT you eat or WHAT exercise you do, it's about how you feel, your mindset and your intent behind the what. Changing your mindset around food, eating, moving your body and rest will change your life.

Your Relationship With Food

You are in a relationship with food (whether you know it or not). That relationship could be negative, neutral or positive. What I mean is that you have feelings about food. You likely have given food moral denotations such as good or bad, clean or dirty, health or junk. You might even feel like food is the enemy or that you hate it because it makes you feel out of control. Food and eating should not make you feel badly. Food and eating are necessary to LIFE! A huge objective of the coaching programs we offer are based on healing your relationship with food. Healing your relationship with food is the first step towards food freedom and peace.

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