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Coach Kristen McKenna

Coach Kristen McKenna

Meet Your Coach

CEO and founder of The Strength To Be Me Wellness, Kristen McKenna is a baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse with well over a decade of experience in direct patient care. This afforded her many years connecting with patients on a deep and meaningful level. Kristen considers herself a professional caregiver and prides herself as such. After 10 years nursing in the hospital setting, Kristen obtained dual certification in Health and Life Coaching through the Health Coach Institute. In 2021, Kristen created The Strength To Be Me with the main goal of helping people suffer less and heal from trauma. Through her personal experiences with disordered eating and mental health struggles, Kristen has a unique understanding and approach to helping people. Kristen currently works in Substance Abuse Treatment as a Registered Nurse and coaches clients full-time from her office in Frederick, Maryland.

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